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Instructional Support

Academic, Career, and Essential Skills program (ACES)
ACES Programs are Special Class special education programs intended to support students with Intellectual Disability (ID) or Multiple Disabilities (MD) who participate in New York State Alternate Assessment (NYSAA). ACES Programs provide an opportunity to learn academic, work, and independent living skills in a community school. Our school has three different work study programs that help the students learn these skills: Project Mini-Mart, The Cougar Kitchen, and Community-Based Work Study.
Project Mini-Mart
Project Mini-Mart is a program that was designed to facilitate the needs of the New York State Alternate Assessment students who are not involved with a work study program outside of school. It incorporates both academic and real world job skills which provide students with a better understanding of the different aspects involved in running a business. Project Mini-Mart includes five independent operations: Chocolate making, jewelry making, candle making, soap making, and holiday crafts. The goal is to master as many skills as possible that will enable them to transition into the work force and perform typical duties and responsibilities of a real work setting.
The Cougar Kitchen
The Cougar Kitchen is another school-based work study program for the New York State Alternate Assessment students. In this program students learn basic food handling, and kitchen and food safety. Students go into the community to go shopping for supplies. Through the selling of their products in the school, they learn to manage money, basic online ordering, marketing, and social interactions skills.
Community-Based Work Study
The Community-Based Work Study, at Boro Park Center for Rehabilitation and Health Care, gives students the opportunity to learn world of work skills in a community based health care facility. Students assist staff in the recreation, rehabilitation, and clerical departments. Not only do students learn world of work skills but it's a great opportunities to learn confidence and social interaction skills.
High Hopes Designs
The High Hopes Designs program at Franklin D. Roosevelt high school where students create custom made t-shirts for other students and faculty within the school. The process they use to create these t-shirts is called screen-printing in which students have to create designs, embed them on a screen, and transfer the image from the screen to a t-shirt with ink. Many of our shirts are for school events and charities such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Hurricane Sandy, school anniversaries, and occasions that call for team spirit. Therefore, students at High Hopes Design not only become aware of the business’ functions but also the functions within their school community and the community outside of school. This program allows students to obtain a better grasp of the work world by growing accustomed to the terms and mannerisms used within the work force.