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Remote Instruction for all students starts on September 16th with check-ins.  Regular classes begin on September 21st remotely; students in Blended Instruction start coming into our building on October 1st.  Please visit our COVID-19 Information and Healthy Practices page; you can find it in the Remote Learning tab!  Stay safe and healthy!  Masks, social distancing, handwashing and staying home if you are sick (get tested if there is a possibility of COVID-19.)  Please disregard student schedules posted in Pupilpath, we will let you know when they are up to date and ready for review. We miss you!
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New Student Orientation


Program Code: K16H

The goal of this program is to help students attain bi-literacy.  All students will work to become fully bi-literate and bilingual with an increased understanding of cultural and linguistic diversity and language skills that will prepare students to thrive in the 21st century globalized economy.  Core content classes are taught, on alternating days, in English and Mandarin, with support to ensure all students succeed.


Dual Language Mandarin Academy Presentation



Environmental Studies Program Code: K16C

Students will receive an understanding of the natural and urban environment through hands-on and project-based learning.  Students will be prepared for careers in environmental science and emerging green industries.  In addition, student will explore the real-world use of hydroponics and the importance of green living.


Science Research Program Code: K16F

This program is designed to give students the necessary tools for the design and implementation of original research for citywide competitions.  Students develop skills in research techniques, design and methodology, data analysis, and proper formatting of scientific reports.  Students in this program will have opportunities for scholarship and additional enrichment programs.


Environmental Studies/Science Research Academy Presentation


Multimedia Design Program Code K16E

Students enrolled in this program study Art Appreciation, Computer Art, Graphic Design, Photography and are instrumental in the design and layout of their graduation yearbook.  They also work to create a video yearbook as part of their capstone project. Students work in state-of-the-art facilities including a Photography darkroom and two MAC labs using Adobe Creative Suite and Studio Works (publishing software).

Studio Art Design Program Code:  K16I

This program encourages student creativity through self-expression in studio arts. Courses include Art Appreciation, Drawing, Painting, Fashion, Ceramics, Sculpture, with the culminating course in Advanced Placement Art: 2D. All rooms are state-of-the-art and are dedicated solely to arts education. Students are engaged in portfolio development upon entrance into the program. Teachers work with students on their post-secondary application process for those interested in pursuing further study in the Arts.

Multimedia Design/Studio Art Design Academy Presentation




Performing Arts Program Code: K16D

The Performing Arts Academy is designed to train aspiring Actors.  We are affiliated with the Roundabout Theatre Company which allows our students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to a stage setting on Broadway.  Students will learn from dedicated faculty members who will help them develop their knowledge and skills.  Our program prepares students for college and careers in the field of stage.


Technical Theater Program Code: K16G

Our Technical Theater program is an exploration of the duties of stage technicians and their contribution to the total aesthetic effect of a dramatic production.  Topics covered will include design research; scene shop organization; painting and construction techniques; principles of sound, lighting, and sound technology; the use of special effects, costume and makeup.


Performing Arts/Technical Theater Academy Presentation

Physical Education at FDR consists of Physical Education classes, Health Education classes and Sports Teams.
Freshman Physical Education will introduce you to activities based on fitness. In the spring, we will have an option to choose classes that you are more interested in. Throughout your 4 years, you will obtain a well rounded Physical Education, which includes Health Education classes.
There are 26 sports teams at FDR. Some teams have tryouts with "cuts". You must maintain a good standing in terms of your grades and act responsibly to stay on a team.
You will also need 2 important documents to be on a team at FDR.
  • Medical Form
  • Parent Consent


Program Code: K16A

Students will explore the field of robotic design using a variety of hands-on activities.  Students begin with an introduction to the tools used to create robotic devices.  As they progress computer programming becomes an essential and vital element.  This culminates in a capstone design project and Teaching Assistant Positions for students to mentor our incoming engineers.  Our Robotics Academy offers opportunities for scholarships and research opportunities.


Robotics & Computer Programming Academy