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The first day of school is Thursday, September 7th.  Please watch this page for information on Metrocard distribution and program availability.  We can't wait to see you!
NYC Department of Education

Our Mission and Vision...and how we make it happen!

FDR HS:  Brooklyn's Bridge to your future!



Improving student achievement is at the heart of all we do at FDR.  Our Mission is to create learning experiences that are accessible to all learners to provide opportunities for discussion, questioning and wonder in a wide variety of courses and disciplines.  We strive to support our students emotionally and socially, as we understand that we are teaching children, with diverse talents, learning styles and challenges.  Our students will recognize that learning is not always easy, but with perseverance and grit, all members of the FDR community can improve.   We understand that embedding technology within instruction can help enrich and support student outcomes.   



Our vision is to provide the best education and preparation for college and career to every student who walks into our building.  We do this by supporting all learners, both academically and emotionally, with providing access to a wide variety of coursework and educational experiences.  The FDR learning community celebrates the diversity within our family and works together to graduate young adults who will continue to serve the greater community.



Instructional Focus

Quality instruction in FDR classrooms is rooted in the use of formative assessment to revisit, reteach, and challenge students so they may improve their understanding of their coursework and its relevance in the real world.

Professional learning is designed to support teacher growth in this, specifically with the use of

  • meaningful formative assessment,
  • leveled tasks,
  • differentiated product and process,
  • providing actionable feedback and
  • other teacher-student connections.

Students will learn to self-assess and reflect on their academic growth. This will result in improved student engagement and achievement, preparing our students to graduate prepared for college and/or career.


Theory of Action

If FDR staff members participate in Professional Learning Communities to improve their use of formative assessment and differentiation, then student access to rigorous CCLS based material and engagement will improve, yielding higher student achievement.