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The first day of school is Thursday, September 7th.  Please watch this page for information on Metrocard distribution and program availability.  We can't wait to see you!
NYC Department of Education

Goals/ESLRs (Expected Schoolwide learning Results)

School Goals 2016-2017




1.Rigorous Instruction

As a result of providing targeted PD and curriculum support in conjunction with the Division of ELLS to our ENL/ELA teachers, June 2017, scholarship rate for entering and emerging ELL classes will increase by 5%


2-Supportive Environment

With the implementation of a series of staff check-ins, and targeted advisories, by June 2017, 7th period attendance will increase from 77% to 83%. Also, 8th period attendance will increase from 72% to 76%. This will be measured by ATS period attendance report RPPS.


3-Collaborative Teachers

By June 2017, Professional Learning Communities will be developed to explore and implement the use of formative assessment and differentiated instruction resulting in teacher implementation of formative assessment in their lesson plans in order to guide instruction.  This will be measured by an increase of 0.5 in the average 3-D-Assessment ratings from September through June, as well as Agendas, copies of lessons, student work and meeting minutes.


4-Effective Leadership

As a result of a focus on college and career readiness by all members in the FDR learning community, by June 2017, the number of graduating “College Ready” will increase by 3%, to 39%. This will be measured by data presented in the Quality Snapshot and Quality Guide.


5-Strong Family Community Relations

As a result of outreach in languages spoken by parents, as well as a series of student/family events celebrating cultures and diversity within our community, By June 2017, there will be a 7% increase in average parent attendance at Parent Teacher Conferences.