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Welcome to the ISS Transition page. This page is designed to provide post secondary information for students receiving Instructional Support Services. Upon graduating, most students will choose one or more of the following post secondary pathways. Please review the information below for the area of your interest. 



ISS students, students with IEP's are welcome to apply to any college they desire. Colleges generally fall into two categories, community college, which is generally a two year program ending in an Associates degree. The second is a senior college, which is generally a four year program ending in a Bachelors degree. Please see the senior tab under the college office heading for information on applying. Although an IEP will not transfer to college, each college will have an Accessibility Office to assist you with any individualized needs and services. The links to the CUNY and SUNY accessibility offices are below. 

CUNY Accessibility Offices:

SUNY Accessibility Offices:




ACCES-VR stands for Adult Career and Continuing Education Services – Vocational Rehabilitation.  ACCES-VR assists individuals with disabilities to find, achieve and maintain employment and to support independent living through training, education, rehabilitation, and career development.

If you are interested in working directly after high school, receiving job training, career development, and other supports and services to prepare you for the working world, please complete an application. Until further notice, all applications are being submitted through email. Applications will be submitted to [email protected]

The Application can be found here:




OPWDD stands for Office for People with Developmental Disabilities. This agency provides a wide variety of support and services to help meet the needs of individuals and their families. Some OPWDD supports and services include:

  • Housing assistance.
  • Respite and other family support services. Respite care involves short term or temporary care of the disabled for a few hours or weeks, designed to provide some relief to the regular caregiver.
  • Help for people who want to work in the community with employment training and support, volunteer opportunities, and other types of community engagement.
  • And help for people who need residential and day services.


In order to receive any services, an individual must be deemed eligible for OPWDD services. The first step in this process is to attend a Front Door Session. The OPWDD Front Door Information Sessions will outline the process of how you can become eligible for supports and services, the types of supports and services available and where you can go to get assistance. All Regional Offices offer translation services for the language that best fits your needs, and some Regional Offices offer Information Sessions in a language other than English. When registering for an Information Session please let the facilitator know if you need translation services or have other accessibility needs.


Due to COVID, all in-person Front Door Information Sessions are presently canceled and alternatives such as Phone Conferencing and WebEx are being offered in each district.


If interested, please call the Brooklyn Front Door Office at 718-642-8576.


You may also register for an online session at: