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Dear Students,


High School serves so many different purposes, but its main purpose, we believe, is to prepare students for college and careers.   Therefore, trust your teachers, counselors and school administrators when they hold you to a higher standard, expecting to shape you into capable and caring college applicants and later, into vital members of society. 


Selecting a college or career is a major decision that will require time, effort, self-evaluation and family support.  Deciding which college is right for you, completing the proper applications, obtaining all relevant documentation and finally, getting accepted and financing your education are some of the things students have to look forward to in the coming years. 


The time to plan for your future is now.  You can begin your journey to college by opting to take challenging courses, getting good grades, preparing for college exams, maintaining excellent attendance,  ranking high among school  peers, joining school activities, volunteering in your community (commitment, rather than quantity), to name a few.


 Colleges are as unique as you are – and whether you are planning on attending a public college or a private university, a community college or a trade school, you will need to successfully complete basic requirements in order to progress to a level of education that can help you achieve your career goals.  If you want to attend highly selective colleges and be eligible for scholarships, you will have to accomplish even more. The entire staff of FDR, along with the support of the College and Career Office, is available to assist you with your college and career concerns. 


Our best wishes…..