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FDR Summer School starts on July 5, at 7:45 AM at New Utrecht High School.  The entrance is on 79th Street near 16th Avenue.
NYC Department of Education

Goals/ESLRs (Expected Schoolwide learning Results)

School Goals 2017-2017


Annual Goal #1 - Rigorous Instruction


As a result of realigning Integrated ELA/ENL course and stand-alone ENL courses, there will be a 5% increase in the passing rate of the CC ELA regents in 2017/2018.


Annual Goal #2 - Supportive Environment


By June of 2018, there will be a 5% reduction in students signing out as codes 11 and 39 in Cohort T and U, as compared to students signing out in Cohort S and T for the 2016-2017 school year.


 Annual Goal #3 - Collaborative Teachers


Recommendations for PDs developed by the Professional Development Committee will be utilized in a minimum of four separate Professional Development days during the 2017-2018 school year.


 Annual Goal #4 - Effective Leadership


By June of 2018, the school leader will provide professional learning opportunities for teachers to design assessments, review date and plan and implement differentiated instruction to support learners in their classroom, as measured by the presence in 80% of unit plans collected after January 2018 in a professional learning cycle/observation cycle and/or lesson plans during an observation cycle.



Annual Goal #5 - Strong Family Community Relations


By June of 2018, there will be one event per month, in addition to PTA meetings and Parent Teacher Conferences, with at least 20 parents present who will receive information on topics such as CCLS and helping their student succeed, as well as in community building/recreational activities.