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Welcome back!  Please check your schedule on PupilPath.  Programs will be given out in 2nd and 9th period classes.  If you cannot get a program or check on PupilPath, please pick up your program in the auditorium.
NYC Department of Education

Goals/ESLRs (Expected Schoolwide learning Results)

School Goals 2018-2019  


Annual Goal #1 - Rigorous Instruction


By June 2019, as a result of developing common curricular units and assessments aligned to content demands created collaboratively in teacher teams, there will be a 5% increase in the passing rate of ELLs services.


Annual Goal #2 - Supportive Environment


By June of 2019, there will be a 2% increase in students earning 10+ credits in cohorts V from cohort U, increasing College Readiness and access and rigorous course work.


Annual Goal #3 - Collaborative Teachers


By June 2019, a 9th grade Academy Model will be developed and implemented, leading to a 2% improvement in the percent of students in Cohort X earning 10 or more credits.


Annual Goal #4 - Effective Leadership


By June of 2019, the school leaders will work with the constituencies within the SLT, teacher leaders/teacher teams and Cabinet, to create a shared vision with action steps leading to coherent instruction and pedagogy supporting how students learn best, resulting in an increase of 0.2 in the average rating of Danielson 1e from January to June.


Annual Goal #5 - Strong Family Community Relations


By June 0f 2019, we will have 10% increase in PupilPath parent registration.