Our Mission and Vision...and how we make it happen!

Mission Statement


Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School’s mission is to provide an environment that enables all students to grow academically, intellectually, socially and emotionally. We recognize the importance of celebrating diversity and culture in our community. Our focus is on personalizing our environment; students start in different places.  By developing a growth mindset, we help them activate their passion and persistence, so all students can reach their highest potential.

The FDR community works together so our students acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to be lifelong learners.  Our students will become college and career ready and are prepared for the emerging demands as global citizens of the technologically evolving 21st Century.  



Vision Statement

At FDR HS we work to create supportive structures within a large high school, celebrating our diversity and how it enriches us, by ensuring that every student:

Sees themselves in what they are exploring and how they are connected to the ever-changing world around them via real-life applications based on current and enduring issues. Diversity

Has personalized opportunities to learn, grow and be exposed to rigorous and engaging learning opportunities through an understanding of social justice and recognition of multiple perspectives. Equity

Is known well by caring and supportive staff, who work in a variety of communities to educate and empower all. Empowerment

Is prepared for the future by learning new technological platforms and developing plans for college and career readiness. Persistence


Our Instructional Focus

Teachers in all content areas use data and artifacts of student learning in concert with CRSE to determine next steps in their teaching and planning for that standard to help all students grow and ultimately reach mastery.


FDR, where success equals Diversity, Equity, Empowerment and Persistence