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Welcome back!  Please check your schedule on PupilPath.  Programs will be given out in 2nd and 9th period classes.  If you cannot get a program or check on PupilPath, please pick up your program in the auditorium.
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Our Mission and Vision...and how we make it happen!

FDR HS:  Brooklyn's Bridge to your future!


Mission Statement


Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School’s mission is to provide an environment that enables all students to grow academically, intellectually, socially and emotionally. We recognize the importance of celebrating diversity and culture in our community. Our focus is on personalizing our environment; students start in different places and grow at different rates and can all reach their highest potential.


The FDR community works together so our students acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to be lifelong learners. Our goal is that they not only become college and career ready, but are prepared for the continually emerging demands of the 21st Century.


Vision Statement


 All students can learn and succeed. Our community works together so that all students can achieve their highest potential. We provide opportunities to help students make connections between curriculum and applications to the real world, by celebrating the diversities of the many cultures within our school. This, along with an emphasis on problem-solving grounded in real-life applications, supports our students as they move on to college and career.



Instructional Focus


The FDR Learning Community recognizes the benefit of providing explicit instruction of skills and strategies necessary to create independent learners.  This is accomplished by a consistent, school-wide focus on specific tools students can incorporate into their educational skill-set.  Professional learning will be designed to include teacher, student and family input regarding the selection of these tools, as well as how to judge their efficacy.


This will be achieved through:

  • A focus on on-demand reading and response, with emphasis on stimulus-based questions
  • Connections to real-world applications
  • Rubric-based feedback
  • Differentiation and scaffolding
  • Recognizing the needs of academically, culturally and linguistically diverse students
  • Student access to higher order tasks


Students will have the opportunity to experience real-world applications, through their selected educational options with a focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), as well as various courses in their educational career.