Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School New York City Department of Education | District 20

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Remote Instruction for all students starts on September 16th with check-ins.  Regular classes begin on September 21st remotely; students in Blended Instruction start coming into our building on October 1st.  Please visit our COVID-19 Information and Healthy Practices page; you can find it in the Remote Learning tab!  Stay safe and healthy!  Masks, social distancing, handwashing and staying home if you are sick (get tested if there is a possibility of COVID-19.)  Please disregard student schedules posted in Pupilpath, we will let you know when they are up to date and ready for review. We miss you!
NYC Department of Education

Academic Department

Art 0 Classes 6 Staff
Business 0 Classes 2 Staff
English 0 Classes 23 Staff
ENL 0 Classes 26 Staff
Health & Physical Education 0 Classes 19 Staff
Instructional Support Staff 0 Classes 82 Staff
Mathematics 0 Classes 26 Staff
Performing Arts 0 Classes 8 Staff
Science 0 Classes 26 Staff
Social Studies 0 Classes 26 Staff
Technology 0 Classes 0 Staff
World Languages 0 Classes 19 Staff