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  • You can only access this course from a desktop computer or laptop at a DOE work location (NOT from home or a mobile device). 
  • Please note, some school based users may experience a user error.  You can still complete the course as required.  Simply click on “Continue to this website” or “advanced”  to begin the training course.  
  • On main screen of training module, please click on “Sexual Harassment Prevention.”  
  • To register for course: 
1.   For ER Number, please enter seven zeros (0000000).  Confirm with seven zeros. 
2.   For Email, please enter your work email address.  Confirm with work email address. 
3.   For Division, enter DOE. 
4.   Click Register. 
  • This course contains audio and requires headphones or a private space with speakers.  If you do not have access to headphones/speakers or your agency does not provide them, you may read the audio transcript, which is accessible through the top right corner, middle button, of the course window. 
  • In order to receive your certificate of completion for this course, please ensure you navigate to the last slide and “click to receive your certificate.” 

 If you experience any technical issues or require an accommodation, please contact [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>  and provide a brief description of the problem and/or a screenshot of any issue you encounter within the course. 

Click HERE to begin the Sexual Harassment Prevention eLearning Training Course.