Principal's Message

My name is Melanie Katz.  It is my pleasure to welcome you home to the FDR community as we begin our 2021-2022 academic year.  

As we return to school, we bring with us the events and impact of the last 18 months of the COVID-19 pandemic.  It has affected all our lives in ways that we recognize and we still need to process, and will continue to influence our decisions, actions and values.  We know the value of in-person learning, and will continue to work together to provide the instruction our students need, and we also know that all members of our community need to feel as safe as possible and have the opportunity to reflect and discuss what we’ve experienced, who we are today, and who we would like to be tomorrow.

Our pillars are Diversity, Equity, Empowerment and Persistence. You will experience this in our classrooms, our hallways, our opportunities and throughout our campus. Our instruction is grounded in our pillars, as is all we do to make the education our students receive relevant, challenging, accessible and interesting.

We are here for each other as we support the various learning needs of our community, be they academic or social-emotional. We also understand the importance of family and community, and will work together to increase intergenerational economic mobility for all.

Here are some specifics about FDR, so you can get to know us.

  • We celebrate diversity - there are 58 languages spoken.  We have bilingual Mandarin and Spanish programs.  We also house almost 1300 English Language Learners as well as about 1200 former English Language Learners.
  • We have a wide range of boys and girls PSAL sports from basketball to badminton, from football to bowling, and so much more!
  • FDR is proud to showcase our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) program, with concentrations in Programming/Robotics, Multimedia Design, Science Research and Environmental Studies as well as Technical Theater and Visual Art Design.  These are supported by partnerships with Microsoft and Touro College.
  • We provide Adult ESL classes via a partnership with the JCC of Greater Coney Island
  • We work together with our families to graduate students who are college and career ready.
  • Students have the opportunity to take college credit-bearing courses through CUNY-Kingsborough Community College and partnerships with Stanford and Arizona State University
  • As a large, comprehensive high school, we offer courses in the arts, with ceramics, photography, fine arts, band, concert band, guitar, ukulele, computer arts and more!
  •  We are proud of our Theater Program, and our new Educational Option of Performing Arts.  Recebt spring productions have been In the Heights, Into the Woods, Pippin and more; they were magical!
  • Our mascot is the Cougar!  Follow the cougar tracks into our building and see its influence throughout the school.
  • Our facility is magnificent; we have our beautiful campus entrance, our sunny building, and our great vibe.
  • The people within our community define our culture, our aspirations and our understanding that students learn best when they feel supported, comfortable taking risks, and develop resilience to continue trying to improve.  
  • We are here to serve the students of the City of New York; our commitment to excellence and equity drives us to best prepare our students to rise to the challenges ahead!
The most important part of FDR is our community.  Along with academic growth, we support our students emotionally and socially.  Our staff cares about our students.  Any afternoon, you will find scheduled and unscheduled tutoring, clubs, celebrations and excitement.
FDR High School is proud and humbled to serve our students.  Thank you for this honor.
Melanie Katz, Principal