College Office » Diplomas


Ms. Washington (College Office) in the building and students can come in anytime between 9-3 PM. 

You must wear a mask and follow all DOE safety protocols. Go to the security desk and let them know that you are here to pick up a diploma and see Ms. Washington.  If you can fill out and bring with you the Diploma Receipt Form (Located at the bottom of the page) the process will go much quicker. 
If the student is coming, then they will only need to bring picture id.  (examples include: School ID, State ID, Passport, College ID)
If someone is picking up the Diploma for the student they will need 3 things:
1. A letter from the student which states that the student is giving you permission to pick up their diploma. It MUST have the student and the person who will pick up the diploma's FIRST AND LAST NAME, otherwise I cannot use it. It must also have the student's signature on it. 
2. The person picking up the diploma will need picture ID.
3. An ID card of the student (it can be their old FDR ID card or any picture ID)
I NEED ALL THREE THINGS IN ORDER TO GIVE THEM YOUR DIPLOMA. We will keep the letter for our records so it must be handed in. NO EXCEPTIONS