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Freshman Applying for 10th Grade Transfer



Students currently residing in New York City and attending grade 8 or grade 9 for the first time can submit an application for High School, including Specialized High Schools. Applications are available from October 11, 2023 through December 1, 2023.

If you have dual residency, you can apply for high school, but the student must be living full-time in New York City. If your child attends school outside of New York City, the current school must have a New York City address on file as the home address to be eligible.


NYC families can use MySchools to apply to public schools for high school. Get started by creating an account. Then explore your children’s personalized school options and get guidance on the admissions process from start to finish.


Visit this site to create an account:


Submitting an Application

When applications are available, an application can be submitted any of the following ways:


Families should visit to review high school options. Users can search for programs using the following criteria:

  • School or program name
  • Program features (using keyword search)
  • Subway line
  • Sports
  • Interest Areas
  • School Size
  • Proximity to Home


Visit this site to receive Enrollment support:


Specialized High Schools

Families can complete a separate applications to apply for the nine Specialized High Schools. A High School application is not required to complete an application for the Specialized High Schools. Students can register for the Specialized High Schools Admission Test (SHSAT) to apply for the following eight programs:

  • Stuyvesant High School
  • The Bronx High School of Science
  • Brooklyn Technical High School
  • Staten Island Technical High School
  • The Brooklyn Latin School
  • High School of American Studies At Lehman College
  • High School of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering at City College
  • Queens High School for the Sciences at York College

Families interested in applying for Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School are able to audition for any program of interest. Auditions are completed virtually with all materials uploaded. The deadline to submit materials is December 1, 2023.

For step-by-step assistance with registering for the Specialized High Schools online, click here.


Offers and Waitlists

Offers will be available in Spring 2024. All students attending an NYC DOE public school will receive an offer for high school, even if an application was not submitted. Your child may receive up to three different offers based on the applications submitted. Students may get an offer through the High School application, Specialized High School Admission Test results, and LaGuardia auditions.

All families will get an offer letter through the mail. To view your offer, please do any of the following:

  • Log into MySchools. If you did not submit your application in MySchools, you can still see offer information. Ask your child's current school for their Account Creation Code and OSIS number.
  • Speak with your current school's counselor to get a copy.
  • Visit a Family Welcome Center.

There are four admissions factor used when determining if a student will receive an offer:

  • Choice Ranking: Your child will only receive an offer to a program ranked higher on their application. List your application choices in the order you prefer.
  • Seat Availability: The amount of seats a program has versus the amount of applications received. Some programs will receive more applicants than seats available.
  • Your child's priority group for the program: Some programs will get priority to students that apply. Living or attending a school in the district or borough may give your child a higher priority for attendance.
  • The program's admission method: This is how the program selects students. Some programs will use a random selection of applicants. Other programs will rank students as part of a screening process.

If your child did not receive their first choice, they will be placed on the school's waitlist. This process is completed for all programs listed higher on the application than the program offered to your child. There is no appeals process for High School admissions.

For more information on waitlists, please review our Waitlist page.



Testing Accommodations on the SHSAT:

  • Students who already receive testing accommodations on their assessments in school are entitled to testing accommodations on the SHSAT.​ This includes:​
    • Students with existing testing accommodations on their current IEP.​
    • Students with an existing 504 Plan that includes testing accommodations.​
    • Students who are English Language Learners (ELL) or eligible former English Language Learners.


Resources for schools and families:



If you are having any difficulties or need help registering, please go to Room 106, Guidance Department and ask for Ms. Loretta.