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School Policies » Dress Code/Uniform Policy

Dress Code/Uniform Policy


(Revised 9/4/14)

Cooperation on the part of all students, parents and staff members is required if our school’s dress code is to be fully respected as well as embraced. An individual’s apparel may either enhance or detract from a given situation. This is true in a school setting or in a place of business. Therefore, in order to avoid any disciplinary action, students are expected to adhere to the Student Dress Code by dressing accordingly.

Remember what is INAPPROPRIATE for school attire. Students should not wear:

1. Any clothing that exposes the midriff or back (worn with or without a covering jacket, sweater, etc.)
2. Rolled down pants, shorts, etc.
3. Halter tops, shirts with spaghetti straps, tank tops or low-cut shirts.
4. White tank tops (underwear tank tops) or “muscle shirts”.
5. Sheer apparel.
6. Shorts or skirts which are too short or revealing.
7. Clothing with writing or pictures which are suggestive, offensive, and/or obscene, or which may be worn in a distractive manner (i.e., shirts with expletives, references to drugs, alcohol or sex, etc.)
8. Any headwear: hats, visors, headbands, scarves, etc. (Exceptions will be approved by the administration for religious or medical reasons.)

Thank you for your assistance.

The School Safety Committee