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COVID-19 Information and Healthy Practices

FDR follows all DOE guidelines regarding capacity of our building and practices.  We work closely with our Custodians and Kitchen Staff who follow their guidelines as well.  Families are involved via our PTA and SLT.  
Staff and students will be wearing masks while in our building, and we will reinforce handwashing and hand sanitizers.  Safety is our number one priority!
It is crucial that if someone is sick, they should stay at home and get tested if there is a suspicion of COVID-19.
Please click on NYC Department of Health COVID-19 page for important health and safety information.
Messages for Families are updated with new information as available.
Please contact Mrs. Katz, Principal, at [email protected] for more information.
Remember....  Social distancing, masks, washing hands and use of hand sanitizer have all helped NYC flatten the curve and return to one of the lowest rates of COVID-19 spread in the country.  Let's keep it up and stay healthy!