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Once your scores have come out you will need to send your official test scores to CUNY/SUNY/Private Schools in order for them to evaluate your application. You must send your scores from Collegeboard. Scores sent through CollegeBoard are considered "Official Scores".

To get to the CollegeBoard website click HERE.  Once you log in to your account search for and click on send scores.

To send your scores to CUNY Schools:
Once you have clicked on send scores, you can put CUNY in the search (along with New York, everything else can stay blank) and then scroll down to the bottom of the list. You will see CUNY UAPC, click on it and then click add.  The CUNY UAPC (University Application Processing Center) code is 2950.  CUNY UAPC will forward your SAT score report to each college on your CUNY list. 
If you are applying to Private schools and/or SUNY schools please remember that you must send your scores to those schools via CollegeBoard. You will need to search the name of the school (and for Private schools I would recommend you also put the state where it is located in the search as well. 

Finally, If you have a fee waiver then you can send scores for free, you will see this is automatically in your account. If you do not have a waiver then the cost is $12 per score report sent. 

Click  HERE to read more information about sending scores on CollegeBoard. 

If you are having problems here is the CollegeBoard (SAT) phone number: 866-756-7346

Also, if you still had some questions, I am also posting a short video from CollegeBoard about understanding your score report. To view the video click  HERE.


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