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12th Grade - Senior

College List Presentation
Use this video to help you create a Balanced College List
Senior Parent & Student Workshop 10/12/22
Please review this video for information that was shared on 10/12/22
College Match Tool
Use this to help you figure out which schools are Safety, Match/Target, and Reach.
Please download this file
Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Calculator
How much do you have to pay out of your own pockets
FAFSA Verification
Did you get selected for FAFSA Verification? Follow the steps below
FSA ID Account Creation Presentation 12/22/23
Use this guide to help you create the FSAID
Required to begin your FAFSA
College Enrollment Guide
Did you choose your College? Follow the steps below to confirm and set everything up before the FALL
Only use this guide AFTER you have an acceptance letter from the college and you are committing to their institution