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If you're taking this class, congratulations, you made it to the last semester of your senior year. This is one of the last classes you will take in high school, so have fun with it.
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In Economics, you seek answers to each of the following questions:
How can individual economic decisions shape a person’s financial future?
Is the economic system of the United States of America fair and just? 
How does globalization affect us?
The reason you're likely here is because you need help with an assignment, or because you can use a refresher on some key concepts. We hope you find the following resources helpful
Crash Course Economics
You can't go wrong with some good Crash Course videos. These are always a good explainer on various big topics in the course. 
Khan Academy - Economics
Everyone loves Khan Academy. Click around to see if the issue your teacher is discussing is covered in these articles and videos.
CNBC Personal Finance
If your teacher gave you an assignment about current events and personal finance, this site will be helpful. Give it a look and show off your knowledge to your teacher.
Video Game - Spent
This is an excellent video game for personal finance and budgeting. You'll play with a situation tens of millions of Americans experience - living paycheck to paycheck.
Video Game - Shady Sam
In this video game you learn about predatory lending in a very novel way, by playing a predatory lender. This makes you well aware of the various forms of credit.
Video Game - Payback
This is an excellent game for understanding the repayment process for student loans.
Video Game - Stax
If you're interested in learning about the stock market, play this game. See if you can beat your friends - and a mysterious computer competitor - in a competition that uses real data from different ten year spans.
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